Cross Country Travel Guide 2014

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A guide to the perfect flying year – 24 sites around the globe



Packed full of information and stunning photographs the Cross Country Travel Guide 2014/15 features the very best hang gliding and paragliding sites on Earth.

With contributions from pilots on the ground who really know, it includes unique guides to 24 internationally-famous sites, including:

Kerio Valley, Kenya; Roldanillo, Colombia; Cape Town, South Africa; Salzburg, Austria; Glen Coe, Scotland; Annecy, France; Manteigas, Portugal; Kobarid, Slovenia; Golden, Canada; Sun Valley, USA; Combe Gibbet, England; Azores Islands; Ager, Spain; St Hilaire, France; Linzhou, China; Canungra, Australia; Gangtok, Sikkim; Tenerife, Spain; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Torrey Pines, California; Roquebrun, Monaco; Greifenberg, Austria; Lovcen, Montenegro; Bariloche, Argentina

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